ESL students are learning history and English at the same time in a unique class that improves their ability to speak English and learn subjects.

Learning History and English at the Same TimeThe summer program at Waynesboro High School is an effort to tutor students in English and also other subjects they will need to master. The focus of the summer program is US History.  Students will visit several sites to learn about local and regional history.

Teacher Nicole Gauthier-Martin is offering the summer program. She believes that immersion in both language and history of where it is spoken leads to better results for students.

“The program works on a human level by providing a space for students to feel comfortable asking questions about what they are learning,” she said.

Waynesboro High School is adapting to a large increase in the number of students who have a native language other than English.  The size of Mrs. Gauthier-Martin’s class doubled last year.  The number of students who require services has dramatically increased and her position has increased from part time to full time.

The Summer ESL class is entirely voluntary. Students will visit historic sites and connect words and phrases with actual experience.  They will also learn more about the culture that is part of the history that they will study.

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