Because of her connection with their home town, a dedicated group of fifth graders decided to have Massachusetts students honor Margery Stoneman Douglas, the famed environmentalist.

Massachusetts Students Honor Margery Stoneman DouglasIn Taunton Massachusetts, fifth graders in Brenda Ruggiero’s class ensured that her legacy would live on.  Doughas is better known in Florida for her work to preserve the Everglades, but she graduated magna cum laude from Taunton High School in 1908.

In tribute to Douglas, the fifth graders from Friedman Middle School visited the Taunton City Council and Taunton’s Mayor, Thomas C Hoye Jr to request “permission to name the spotted turtle wetlands which are adjacent to Friedman Middle School The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Turtle Sanctuary.”

In their letter, the students stated: “In our research, we discovered that Marjory Stoneman Douglas, who was educated in the Taunton Public Schools, was the major advocate in protecting the Florida Everglades and is known as the ‘First Lady of Conservation’ and ‘Mother of the Everglades.’”

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