A new high school academy for biomedical sciences will be starting in New Jersey thanks to a $600,000 Department of Education Grant.

New High School Academy for Biomedical SciencesThe Biomedical Sciences Academy will be a four year full time program housed at North Hunterdon High School.  The school will have an agreement with Raritan Valley Community College so that students will accumulate college credit.  The students will have exposure to 97 different career fields such as pharmacology, public health, and clinical research.

“It’s all about learning about preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases of patients,” said Jessica Cangelosi-Hade, director of curriculum.

The state required high school courses such as math and science will be taken at the high school and the advance biomedical coursework will be added to the schedule.

The program is highly selective.  Only 22 out of 50 applicants were admitted.

“The Biomedical Sciences Academy is a small but selective program with a rigorous curriculum that will prepare them for college or the workforce,” Cangelosi-Hade said.

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