Thanks to the Indianapolis Public Schools, a newcomer program helps students and families adjust to America. challenges in moving to the United States were many for Mastora Bakhiet, a refugee from Darfur.  Each day her children boarded a school bus with a driver who could not communicate with her, and took her children to a place she did not know.  She worried all day until they returned home from school. Now that she lives in Indianapolis, she has an opportunity to assist other immigrant families as they adapt to American schools.

The IPS has created a program that will allow students who do not know much English to attend classes that cater to their limited language knowledge every day for their first year in America.  Not only are the students helped, but parents also have resources to help them communicate with the school and adapt.

Bakhiert is the new parent involvement educator at the school, a job for which she is prepared by experience to understand the struggles of refugee parents.

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