Utah’s water management issues are getting special attention this summer as students work with  researchers solving water problems.

http://leadershipandsoftskills.com/The students are joining with teachers and researchers to learn more about water issues through iUTAH, funded by the National Science Foundation.

At Juan Diego Catholic High School, Jose Galang was connecting a tube to a bell pepper. It connected to other tubes near a tank of nitrogen, a computer monitor and a water vapor isotope analyzer.  The high school student was measuring unique signatures of isotopes in the water of the pepper, and was able to show that the pepper was from Holland, as the grocery store had advertised.

“This experiment sure beats your average baking soda volcano,” said Galang.

The five year iUTAH (innovative Urban Trasitions and Aridregion Hydro sustainability) is funded by a $20 million grant from the National Science Foundation. The objective is to monitor and improve Utah’s water usage, educating future scientists and informing residents about sustainable practices.

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