A teacher tweeting for NASA was on hand to witness the test launch of a rocket that will someday power manned space flight to Mars.

Teacher Tweeting for NASAStarpoint Central School teacher Jeff Tracy has been attempting to be part of NASA’s social media program for a year.  He has long been a rocket hobbyist and space fan. Now he covers social media for NASA as Orbital ATK tests a new booster for NASA in a public demonstration.

Tracy will share his experiences via Twitter, and on Instagram.

The rocket did not actually leave the launch pad during the test launch.  It is called the Space Launch System, and is said by NASA to be the world’s most powerful rocket. It has been designed to send astronauts to Mars in NASA’s Orion spacecraft, or robot spacecraft to Mars, Saturn, or Jupiter.

“They want us to use our social media accounts to promote what they’re doing,” said Tracey, “to generate some excitement like we had in the ’50s, ’60s and early ’70s, even when the space shuttles first took off.”

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