Teaching grit and perseverance is paying off in some schools. Instead of giving in to frustration, kids are learning problem solving skills and life skills as well.

Soft SkillsAccording to University of Pennsylvania researcher Angela Duckworth, grit is the formula of perseverance plus passion. She is a champion of the theory that emotional elements need to be a part of the drive for academic achievement, along with IQs and aptitude.

In Minneapolis, Superintendent Ed Graff is a supporter of social-emotional learning, which includes social and decision making skills.

At Chanhassen High School, time management preparation is included in scheduling.  Tim Dorway says that this skill becomes handy throughout life.

“We certainly need to teach kids how to respond when things aren’t going well because that’s what we do in our careers, that’s what we do in college,” he said.

Among the strategies and theories that promote emotional development, there are several that are popular.  Grit is the drive to recognize and work toward achieving long term goals.  Growth mind set teaches students that with work, their intelligence will improve.  And social and emotional learning is a process that helps students understand their emotions and make good decisions.

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