A group of high school students are finding that writing inspiration is in the details this summer, as they participate in the first Words With Wings summer writing camp, sponsored by the Missoula Writing Collaborative.

Writing Inspiration is in the DetailsOn a recent afternoon, three high school students and their teacher were wandering about the University of Montana campus, seeming to be lost.  However, they were focused on all details surrounding them.  They were noting different colors, and details, and taking note in their composition books.  This was all part of the summer writing camp for teens.

For one week, students gather for three hours in the afternoon to get creative with their writing.  This is Words With Wings’ 12 year in operation, teaching younger students between the ages of 8 through 13.  However it is the first time workshops have been held for high school students.

Instructor Emily Freeman is an author who is leading the workshop with songwriter Caroline Keys.  She pointed out that this was not school after discussing the rules – no laptops, everything hand written, no phones.  “This is not about making a thing the right way for the grade,” said Freeman. “This is an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and get creative.”

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