The 5 Essential Skills your child must have to be successful in school are:

1. Organization: Students must possess the ability to have the right materials, in the right place, at the right time. Disorganization severely limits a child’s opportunity to learn.

2. Time Management: Students must plan and meet deadlines, as this is critical for test preparation and the completion of projects/homework/papers.

3. Speaking/Listening: Students must know how to ask the right questions AND listen for the answers. This is essential for learning and advocating for one’s self.

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4. Note Taking: Students must know how to best format notes and capture information. This is important because 80% of information comes directly from the teacher.

5. Studying for Tests: Students must understand studying for a test does NOT begin the night before. Studying for tests is easier than you think and is critical for success.

A study done by Ohio State University proved students were up to 600% more like to graduate from college when they possessed these skills. But the question is HOW does one go about learning these skills?


The SOAR Learning & Soft Skills App teaches all of these skills in an engaging, online course. 

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This is a self-directed online course that your student can take wherever and whenever they like on any internet enabled device (PC, Mac, iPad, etc.).

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Susan KrugerSusan Kruger, M.Ed. is a certified learning specialist and former struggling student. She was shocked when she simplified a few study skills in college – and graduated with a 3.9 GPA! Since then, she’s taught thousands of students how to get the same sense of accomplishment and confidence with study skills. Susan is the author of the international best-selling book, SOAR Study Skills, Education Expert for ADDitude Magazine, Premier Instructor for The Learning Annex, and developer of the break-through model, The Brain Circuit™. In 2014, she was the 1st-place winner of the Oakland County Executive’s “Elite 40 Under 40” award. Microsoft Partners in Learning University has called her a “Global Expert in Education Innovation.” Her curriculum materials are used by over 3,700 schools nationwide and are in 30 countries worldwide. She’s married to a fellow educator and mom to two dynamic children with ADHD and dyslexia.