New teachers started the process of adding STEM to classroom lessons by engaging in a two day workshop to help them grow their skills.

Adding STEM to Classroom LessonsAt McKinley Elementary School, experienced staff worked with new teachers in the professional development workshops.

“Our current reality is that each year we have new staff coming to McKinley with limited or no STEM experience,” said McKinley Elementary Principal Justin Kiel. “People are coming from undergrad programs, but it’s really just a quick snapshot of STEM and not in-depth, but here at McKinley, we do STEM all day long.”

Kiel says that STEM foundations are the “growth mindset”, instilling belief in hard work, development, and mistakes.  New teachers acquire abilities to encourage higher level thinking and questioning.  In addition, they also learned about enforcing lessons with journaling and integration of arts.

“One thing we want them (new teachers) walking away with is all our subjects are integrated, so we wanted them to have a basic understanding of that,” said Kiel.

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