ADHD specialist and medical doctor Stephen Guffanti created a very brief and powerful video showing that ADHD and poor spelling skills are not related.

Guffanti has long been an advocate helping kids with ADHD and he himself, shares the the ADHD label.

In this video, Dr. Guffanti’s patient, Charley, was brought in with a request for ADHD medication because Charley could not spell.

With a simple recommendation from Dr. Guffanti Charley become the top speller in the class.

Later Charley learned to read at grade level, yet his mom brought him back asking again for ADHD medication – this time because Charley was not a good “seat sitter.”

Dr. Guffanti’s response is a must watch in this 2 minute video.

The Super Speller Strategy Video Dr. Guffanti refers to is located here

If your child or student displays what appears to be ADHD, remember that medical doctors reveal that there could be more than 50 other reasons that whatever is going on might just be something else in disguise.

Prior to asking for ADHD medication, doctors and learning experts alike suggest you ask yourself whether your child:

* may have a learning or processing style different from that of the teacher

* may be using a curriculum that is not personalized enough to ensure success in school

* is getting enough good quality sleep each night

* may have sleep apnea that won’t allow sleep so your child’s daytime activities are not at their optimum levels

* has visual perceptual problems that won’t allow your child to see the printed page the way other kids see it (in this case reading will be affected and you can take your child to a developmental optometrist to determine where eyesight issues or perceptual issues or both may make it appear as though your child has ADHD

* is in a classroom with flourescent lighting that blinks at such a fast refresh rate that your child is “bothered” to the point he or she does not behave as you would expect

* is possibly being bullied in a way that affects your child’s behavior

* could be suffering from the consequences of an undiagnosed language or processing problem

* might have some other type of medical issue that has not been addresses

Then, I suggest you read books like Dr. Guffanti’s called Does Your Child Really Have ADHD and if your child has difficulty in spelling, to resolve it in the same way Charley became the top speller in his class using the Super Speller Strategy video here.

Pat Wyman      Pat Wyman is the founder of, author of numerous books including Amazing Grades: 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster, Instant Learning for Amazing Grades, Jackson’s First Day of School and more. She a university instructor for teachers and has appeared in the Washington Post, Ladies’ Home Journal, Nick Jr. Family Magazine and is a long-time advocate for children helping raise their grades and self-esteem.

                                     The Super Speller Strategy Video that Dr. Guffanti refers to is located here