High tech, modified wheelchairs are being tried out by young athletes on wheels.  Designed by Spaulding Rehab, the students are trying the chairs in games of basketball and drills.  Some students who are not wheelchair bound are learning what it is like to depend on a wheelchair for mobility.

Athletes on WheelsNine wheelchairs were loaned to students at the Saltonstall school by the Spaulding Adaptive Sports Center North Shore, along with staff support.  K-5 students split into groups taking turns in the adaptive wheelchairs.

“This is such a neat community opportunity,” said Brian Edmunds, the summer program’s site director. “It generated a lot of meaningful conversations about people with disabilities in our classrooms.”

Adaptive wheelchairs have cambered wheels at an angle that increases speed, and a third small wheel in the back for stability.  They typically sell for between $2,000 and $3,000.

“What sports can you play in a wheelchair?” asked Kathleen Comfort Salas, a physical therapist and coordinator with Spaulding. “Everything.”

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