A new librarian is making sure that students are connecting to the school library through social media.

Connecting to the School Library Through Social MediaAt Fredericktown High School, librarian Kelli Nicholson is connecting with students in the best way she knows they are familiar with. “We’re starting small on Twitter and Instagram,” she said.

“Well I think that social media is our kids’ world and we have to meet them where they are,” Nicholson said. “So, we are going to do our best to kind of infiltrate that and hopefully get them excited about what we are doing.”

Nicholson started out with a social media interaction for “International Cat Day.” “So, I tweeted out and put on Instagram, basically a picture of a cat with a book and I would retweet it or re-post it.”

Nicholson got responses from students who sent pictures of cats and other replies. She also knows that kids follow the school twitter accounts.

“The high school and the high school athletic department, they both have Twitter (accounts) and the kids follow them,” she added.

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