A CSI camp is familiarizing teems with police work, teaching them the application of cutting edge scientific method along with some dialogue about police methods and perspectives.

Soft Skills20 middle school students signed up for the behind the scenes look at the Troy Police Department and learn how they investigate crimes and solve them.

Sixth grade student Mali Hewitt enjoys mysteries and TV shows like “CSI”.  To her, the camp is perfect for anyone who likes watching mysteries or true crime TV shows.

“I’ve always wanted to be a detective and solve mysteries and stuff. I heard about this camp and thought this would be perfect. I get to learn how to be a detective and learn how to solve crimes,” Hewitt said. “I like the crime (scene evidence) part that we are doing right now. It was a blast.”

Another sixth grade student, Stella Avey, said that she never knew how difficult it was to collect evidence.  Her favorite part of CSI camp was learning to dust for fingerprints.

“We get to put powder on it and then brush it off. I always saw them do it on my favorite show, “NCIS,” but I never knew how they did it,” Avey said. “I also liked the photography part because I like taking pictures and liked using the cameras.”

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