Schools are easing transitions with looping, the practice of keeping classes of kids together for two years, with the same teacher.

Easing Transitions with LoopingAt York City schools’ Davis K-8, third and fourth graders in looping classrooms have a modified version of the program, as they stay in the same class or two years with the same teacher for some subjects, and different teachers for others.

The goal of looping is to provide continuity, establish a sense of community, and  give students a sense of having fewer adjustments.  A teacher can know their strengths over two years, as well as areas that need improvement.

Third and fourth grade teacher Angela Harmon is one of 42 teachers participating in the  pilot program.  Last year ten classrooms volunteered for looping, and this year the number has increased.  The goal according to district academic recovery liason Bill McNelis is to gradually implement looping and find any issues that develop before making it districtwide next year.  MeNelis has led a committee of teachers who have come up with the plans and procedures to have looping classes.

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