Students are gaining an edge with an AP History summer boot camp, which will put them in a good position for advanced placement classes this fall.

Soft SkillsThe Nutley New Jersey School District sponsored their first advance placement summer boot camp that the high school this year.  We wanted to build a culture where students feel supported and can expand their academic opportunities with AP [courses],” said Nutley High School Principal Denis Williams.

According to Williams, social studies teacher Joseph Dwyer researched the best practices for AP scores in districts that are high achieving.  He found that when students have more exposure to the test, they perform better.

“This is the starting point, so we want to use this and see, build and expand moving forward,” Williams said. “I think the key thing is for people to see the validity of it.”

History was not the only AP summer course.  There was an AP physics class as well.  The courses ran two hours for five days.  They were sponsored by the Academic Booster Club and  cost $100

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