A recent study says that Head Start benefits children with disabilities, and that they have higher scores in reading, math, and literacy than disabled children who are not in the program.

Head Start Benefits Children With DisabilitiesThe federal Head Start programs are funded by the U.S. federal government and administered at a a state level. The aim is to improve readiness for kindergarten among lower income families.  Parents are also connected to poverty and healthcare social services, which benefit children.

“These findings align with Head Start’s commitment to addressing the complete needs of the child and connecting families to community supports,” said Kristin Rispoli, an assistant professor at Michigan State University who led the study.

The study was published in the Journal of Social Service Research. 570 children with disabilities ages 5 and 6 whose data was collected as part of the Head Start Impact Study were analyzed comparing the math, literacy and language skills to those who did not participate in Head Start.

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