High tech robots are coming to high school thanks to a partnership with a robotics company and the school district.

Soft SkillsWilson County Schools are partnering with FANUC America Coropration to receive two high level industry robots so that students can train and become certified to enter high tech jobs.

The combined value of the robots that will come to Mt. Juliet and Watertown high schools are around $84,000. The school district will receive them at a discounted rate of $69,000 for both, according to Technical Education Supervisor Bill Moss.

“These are actual robots used in industry; we’re getting a big bang for our buck,” Moss said. “These are cutting edge.”

The robots will be part of the robotics class that is generally taken by seniors.  Students will be trained to program and operate the robots.  Certification will be available for them to work with the robots and equipment anywhere.

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