This year, innovative spaces welcome students back to school with new technology resources and more relaxed non traditional seating and study areas.

Soft SkillsIn the West Jefferson Hills School District, the changes include Chromebooks, new labs for technology resources, tutoring in math and science, and an outdoor learning center equipped with large rocks that serve as learning stations.

At Gill Hall Elementary, a new STEAM lab will be open.  The lab will include a multimedia broadcast studio, video production area, virtual reality, a maker space with a 3D printer, and an area for collaboration on robotics, programming and design. McClellan  Elementary School added new resources for technology, including Bee-Bots, Puzzlets, Robot Turtles, Scratch Jr. and Osmo kits.

Pleasant Hills Middle School just received two carts of Google Chromebooks.  The intent is to focus on using Google Classroom with teachers and students.

Upgrades are not just in spaces.  Thomas Jefferson High School will start communicating with parents via AlertNow and email, reducing paper based communication. They are expanding Google Classroom so that parents and student can access homework and class assignments. The counselors office now has iPads so that students can try out a college course in the area they think they want for a major.

The high school also has free programs for tutoring in math and science.  They can also practice for the SAT and ACT.

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