Kids are raising money to get their math program back, thanks to an elementary teacher who is encouraging them to speak out after budget cuts directly affected them.

Soft Skills343 schools in Oklahoma cut the online tutorial program “Think Through Math” but Heritage Elementary students in Tahlequah aren’t letting go of it quite so easily.

When the program was cut, fourth grade teacher Mendy McKee said that students were actually coming to her in tears.  She reached out to a local TV station, Channel 8, to share how passionate the students are about learning.

“When I see their heart ache, I can’t sit still,” she said. “I want their voices heard.”

Gracie McKee is a fifth grader who said that the math program helps reach goals. “At first, I didn’t like it at all,” Gracie said. “I was like, I don’t want to, but then it made me want to do math.”

Students are planning fundraisers, including a bake sale and possibly a garage sale. “They are nine and 10 and 11, they shouldn’t have to worry about coming together and having a bake sale,” McKee said.

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