The school year is starting, and the election season is very active, so learning about the presidential race in school is very timely and getting interesting.

Learning About the Presidential Race in SchoolStudents are participating in a mock election at Nutter Fort Intermediate School.  They are learning about the presidential race, and following the election through November.

“We just encourage them to stay open-minded and to listen to both sides, and then to come to their own conclusions on what they think is important and how it affects them,” said Lillie Junkins, a fifth grade teacher at Nutter Fort Intermediate School.

Are kids listening to the constant rhetoric of the candidates?

“There is a 24-hour news cycle, there’s always something,” said Dr. Mark Manchin, superintendent of Harrison County schools. “When these kids go home and they’re watching the news or just sitting around, they’re immersed.”

The tone of the current election has become personal and nasty.  When faculty talk about politics with children, it is difficult to not acknowledge the current political climate.

“They’ve seen things that have happened that maybe aren’t the most upstanding,” said Junkins. “So, they come to their own conclusions about those things. But, to expose them to any current event is good.”

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