A manufacturing bootcamp for classroom teachers was held at Ashland University, giving 14 teachers and guidance counselors a close up view of how real world industrial plants operate.

Soft Skills800 educators who are not familiar with career prep and manufacturing received invitations to the bootcamp.  Reviews were positive according to Dan Phillip, president and founder of the Transformation Network and Advancing Industry of Ashland. He expects that the career awareness program will grow when it is offered next year.

Three graduate credits were awarded by AU to teachers completing the program. During the session they developed plans for low they would let students know about career and training opportunities at local companies.  Phillip also mentioned that many times companies are willing to pay for training if students come work for them.

Through manufacturing company programs, students can get assistance with advanced education. “And they’re not going into debt,” Phillip said. “They have a future to look forward to, and they don’t have the worry of ‘How am I going to pay for this?’”

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