A new mobile app shares school meal nutrition information with parents so that they can make informed choices about what their children eat.

Mobile App Shares School Meal Nutrition InformationOne such parent in the Jefferson County Public Schools  is Liz Cannon, who wants to keep her daughter Elise healthy and at an average weight.  Using her smartphone, she opens the JCPS NutriSlice app, and looks to see what is being served for lunch at her daughters school, Dixie Elementary.  She sees that the main course is chicken nuggets and corn dogs, and concludes that Elise will bring her lunch that day, likely a peanut butter sandwich with dried apricots, pretzels, and a brownie.

“We are very careful about the products that they eat,” Liz Cannon said of her children.

“Nutrislice is a wonderful product,” JCPS Nutrition Center manager Daniel Ellnor said. “It allows parents to quickly see what’s there for lunch. We are committed to buying the best possible foods for students.”

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