A new middle school grocery store managed by students is part of the curriculum for seventh grade math.  Students will be running the market, and shopping there as well.

New Middle School Grocery Store Managed by StudentsTeachers at Kilgore Middle School formed a partnership with Brookshire’s to set up a grocery store in the library, including shelves, labels provided by a real company, and pricing.

“They have to mark up their product and they are going to resell it to their classmates,” said  KMS seventh grade math teacher Delina Chitwood.

Students who take on the role of store owner will have $100 to purchase products from the teachers, who are the manufacturers. The students who are customers will spend $20 in the store. .

“They are going to do the business part of it first, figure out the profit and the percent increase, and then we’re going to come back and they’ll be the customer,” Chitwood said. “We’re going to record what items sell and then give them that information, so they can know how much money they’ve made – the profit they’ve made.”

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