New student teachers are working with mentors thanks to an innovative new approach in teacher training at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

New Student Teachers are Working With MentorsIn 2014, the National Council on Teacher Quality ranked UTC’s teacher education program among the worst in the nation. Other Tennessee teacher preparation programs ranked in the top 50. Educators decided that something had to change.

The new Student Teacher Pilot Program was launched last week, as a dozen selected students were paired with established teachers for in class mentorship. New School of Education director Renee Murley started the program with the intent of improving the quality of teacher preparation and benefiting Hamilton County schools.

“This group is making a commitment to give back to future teachers,” Murley said. “This collaboration will open doors in the future.”

The teachers were carefully selected from nine Hamilton County schools that are representative of diversity in economics, geography, and demographics.

“This partnership is critical for the development of strong teachers,” said Murley after meeting with the principal of each school

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