While the world is focused on the summer Olympics in Rio, middle school students here in the USA are focusing on the Olympics of the Mind.

Olympics of the MindAt Settlers Cabin Park in Robinson Township, Pennsylvania, the battle of the brains was on. In both physical and academic contests, students competed  at Higher Achievement Pittsburgh, a summer and after school program which helps students succeed.

“It is the most exciting event of the summer. It’s called our Olympics of the Mind and for the past five weeks, each of our classes has been doing social studies, science, math, and literature, Mondays through Thursdays, 45 minutes a day,” Higher Achievement Pittsburgh’s Wendy Etheridge Smith said.

The knowledge the students acquired over the summer was put to the test, as they competed in three categories – the math bowl, the curriculum quest, and team building exercises.

“Oh my gosh, they love it and it’s not just the chance to show the academics, but there’s also some fun things, like they have a chant competition where they’ll talk about why they are college ready and then they also have a banner competition to show some of their artistic side,” Etheridge Smith said.

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