A public school for gifted students is starting this year in Missouri, and 34 sixth graders are enjoying their role in changing the course of their school district.

Soft SkillsIn the Ferguson-Florissant district, the students are part of creating a new school, a unique school for gifted children, unlike anything else in St. Louis County.

“This is a ground-breaking year for us, guys,” teacher Amanda Mathews told the group gathered in a classroom to kick off the school year Wednesday. “This is the time to make your mark here in this community.”

The sixth grade inaugural class will receive gifted instruction full time at the Probe Center, where gifted students have come for weekly enrichment for a number of years.

“This is probably going to be much more exciting than a regular school,” said Elyse Gipson.  She enjoys building robots, and her cousin Elyssa Gipson is also in the program.

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