After creating rockets and launching them in one class period, space exploration in middle school is off to a good start for the sixth graders in Jon Amundsen’s space exploratory class.

Soft SkillsAt Bluffs Middle School, students launched rockets they made out of construction paper, tape, an eraser, and straws.  They used a rubber band for propulsion.  According to Amundsen, students were to try for accuracy and distance in the launches.  Amundsen has an idea called Flight Friday, for students to launch rockets each Friday.

The value of the class for students is encouragement for exploration and design.  Students created mission badges, and will be working on projects related to the Mars Mission.

“We will give them a lot of hands on activities,” Amundsen said.

Amundsen developed the activities through classes he attended at the educators space camp in Huntsville, Alabama.  He obtained a grant which allowed him to take back many of the activities to the classroom. He is one of 14 Nebraska space ambassadors.

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