Starting class with a crime scene may seem unusual, but when a new career pathway in a high school starts with a Principles of Biomedical Science class, the activity is expected.

Soft SkillsAt Pratt High School, the introductory class of a new STEM curriculum is Principles of Biomedical Science, and a $25,000 grant from Monsanto is allowing the school to implement the class. Science teacher Joy Schmidt has been involved with the planning stages.  This summer a 10 day Greenback Spark Lab introduced the students to the classes.

Schmidt plans to set up a crime scene on the second day of school. Students will process the scene for the first nine weeks, learnin about fingerprinting, blood analysis, such as students see on popular TV shows CSI and NCIS.

Students will learn science, and also explore careers in criminology, medical technology, 911 dispatcher, and law enforcement. There will be no textbooks; all instruction is through hands on experiences such as dissection. Schmidt’s role is to facilitate the work the students do.  They will collaborate with each other, much as they will on a job.

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