STEM subjects are a growing part of school curriculum, as educators seek to develop students into critical thinkers.

STEM Subjects are a Growing Part of School CurriculumPromoting hands on learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math is increasing at the elementary and secondary grade levels.  In Norwell Massachusetts, Superintendent Matthew Keegan says that teachers are increasingly requesting kits and materials that help them encourage students to learn by asking questions in hands on projects.

“It always helps the engagement level,” he said. “Students feel much more able to bring their knowledge to a topic and what they want to learn can drive what topics they study.”

Encouraging students to develop thinking skills that can be applied to any subject is one aspect of STEM subjects that Director of Teaching, Learning and Technology Diane Provenzano says gives them an advantage.

“If anything, everything is enhanced because these critical thinking skills are transferable to every department,” she said.

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