Students are literally stepping up on multiplication tables when they use the stairs at their school.

Stepping Up On Multiplication TablesIn Virginia Beach, former physical education teacher Casey Conger who is now the principal of Creeds Elementary School had an idea for helping students learn multiplication facts with muscle memory. She and bookkeeper Debbie Brooks pasted the multiplication tables on two stairwells at the school.

The tables were printed on vinyl adhesive strips, and two strips are pasted on each step.  As students climb, they practice multiplication.

Conger has a fondness for combining physical activity with learning activities. “You can take a girl out of the gym, but you can’t take the gym out of the girl,” she said.

Conger estimates that students spend 30 hours each year climbing up and down stairs.  Her hope is that while students are walking to class, they can be learning math.

“It’s something that they’re constantly working on, because as they get into higher math they will need to be really fast with the multiplication,” Conger said.

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