Students are filming veteran video history, and learning about the men and women who served with the US Armed Forces during the last 75 years in the process.

Soft SkillsJust a few hundred yards from where those who fell during the Vietnam War were being remembered, Powatan students filmed interviews with veterans in a video history camp at Blessed Sacrament Huguenot Catholic School.  Instructional specialist Meredith Perry is the leader of the camp, and specializes in history and social science.

Students learned the basics of interviewing at Powhatan High School, and Blessed Sacrament opened rooms so that the interviews could take place on the first day of the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall.

“The main thing is the desire to connect students with the community. And then, layering it down, especially with the history background, have them understanding veterans and honoring veterans,” she said.

The ten students interviewed 15 veterans who were in military service from World War II to the Iraq War as well as peace time.  They conducted the interviews, and edited the videos, organizing presentations and screenings.

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