This summer, students fighting climate change had the opportunity to learn what they can do about it at Climate Camp.

Students Fighting Climate Change12 year old Natalie Workman has long been interested in climate change, and is concerned about a future with heavily polluted air, food and water shortages, and widespread sickness. She’s learning this week what she can do to prevent that.

Sponsorship of the camp comes from Peace Learning Center in Eagle Creek Park, and Earth Charter Indiana’s Youth Power Indiana.  The intent is to give young people tools to be involved in climate change conversations, and affect policy.

Natalie and her 14 year old sister Alex have developed a short “pre-enactment” demonstration, showing what the USA would be like in 2035 if nothing is done to stop climate change.

“I know plenty of people that say: ‘Oh, you’re going to hurt the climate,’ and then they don’t do anything about it,” Alex said. “So they don’t fully understand what they’re trying to do. So my goal is just to make sure that they really understand what they’re doing, so they can watch every single step they take in the future.”

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