For a real hands on experience, there’s nothing like going to the source with students learning STEM at a hydroelectric plant.

Students Learning STEM at a Hydroelectric Plant20 middle school students had the opportunity to take classes for a week at Power Vista, the visitor’s center at the Niagara Power Project.

Besides typical classroom learning, students used the interactive exhibits to see how everything worked.

Michael Radosta, a teacher for the STEM summer course and doctoral student in learning sciences at the University of Buffalo found that the setting was a great advantage over last year’s classroom at Niagara Community College.

“We thought it was a great opportunity for our program to take advantage of this space. I can see a big difference this year. Having access to all the exhibits and all the information is animating their thinking,” Radosta said. “One of the things we look at in education research is setting. The design and places where students learn is having a major impact on how they perform and respond.”

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