Cultural Proficiency Training sessions are an opportunity for teachers learning about student diversity to gain greater insight into the needs of their students and understand how culture plays a big role in opportunity and learning.

Teachers Learning About Student DiversityAccording to Warren County Public Schools Superintendent Rob Clayton, the training sessions were to help “close the opportunity gap and transform our school culture.”

Eastern Kentucky University College of Education associate professor Roger Cleveland led the sessions, through his role as a lead consultant for Millenium Learning Concepts.  He and a team of experts offered several breakout sessions on culturally responsive teaching, instructional equity, and how to engage diverse learners.

“With the increase of diversity in our school districts in the state of Kentucky, we need to be more prepared and skilled to work with different groups of students and families,” Cleveland said. “Not only do our teachers need to prepare, but we also need to prepare our students for a global, diverse society, so it goes both ways.”

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