A plan to start the year off right has teachers meeting students at home before the start of school. This is particularly beneficial for new students, and youngsters entering first grade, who will have started building a relationship with their teacher before the big day when they enter school.

Teachers Meeting Students At Home Before the Start of SchoolOne humid July afternoon Anne Johnson and another teacher from Seymour Elementary School in Ralston stopped by to see Christian Abboud.  He will start first grade in a few weeks and knows what to expect.  He also knows that Mrs. Johnson is friendly and what friends will be in his class on the first day.

Every summer for the past five years, district teachers in elementary and middle schools have conducted these home visits.  Teachers meet and get acquainted with students in a comfortable place – the student’s home.

At the Abboud home, Johnson and fellow teacher Mary Gudenrath sat in the kitchen chatting with Christian’s mom and 3 year old sister.

“Hey, Christian, want to come tell me what you’ve been doing this summer?” Johnson said. Christian answered through his mother.

In addition to breaking the ice with shy Christian, Johnson gave his parents a list of school supplies, talked about back to school night, and answered questions.  She also gave them a bag of goodies from the district, along with a welcome letter.

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