Family members, students, and educators are united in saying that Team Read makes a difference, keeping students from falling behind and becoming discouraged.

Team Read Makes a DifferenceAt Treadwell  Elementary School, dual language immersion student Addis Shiberou is learning to read in both English and Spanish.  He is a quiet third grader, who has undergone a transformation in his classroom that his mother, Jennifer, attributes to Team Read.

“Team Read is really an amazing program we have in Memphis to help kids learn how to read,” she said. Shiberou also says that Addis is not only reading better, but his comprehension has improved.

“I have seen a lot of growth since team read in his ability to decode words and words that he doesn’t know, being able to pronounce those words. I have also seen growth in his vocabulary and his comprehension skills,” Jennifer Shiberou said.

An additional benefit of Team Read is a sense of accomplishment among the second graders, and a feeling that there is a community within their school that supports them.

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