It’s just one book, but 8,500 students will be reading it for the One Book Blitz.

The One Book BlitzAcross Blount County, students in grades K-5 will all receive the same book this January as part of  collaboration among three school districts.

The community reading event will involve students across Blount County as well as Maryville and Alcoa counties.  More than 8,500 students will all read the same book, collaborating with each other and with business partners who are funding the public library, a private school, and the One Book Blitz.

The three districts have collaborted on extrcurricular activities and athletics in the past, but this will be their first academic collaboration.  They will also join with students at the private Clayton-Bradley Academy.

“We’d like every K-5 student in the county to be reading this book,” said Dr Mike Winstead, director of Maryville City Schools. The event will also include home-schooled students.

The title of the book will not be revealed until the launch of the One Book Blitz on January 9, 2017.

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