Two teachers who are experimenting with alternative seating for their classrooms are trading classroom desks for bean bag chairs and tables.  The intent is to improve results by making students comfortable.

Trading Classroom Desks for Bean Bag Chairs and TablesTeachers Tara Singley and Erika Peterson decided to give their students the opportunity to sit and work much like they would in their own homes.  “Desks are too confining,” Peterson said. “I like for them to be more comfortable to get their creative juices flowing.” She added that an additional benefit is that students arrive on time, as the best seats are chosen on a first come first served basis, so there are fewer late arrivals.

Singley believes that an alternative classroom seating arrangement is conducive to learning, as it accommodates individual student learning styles. “The students have loved it,” she said. “We offered to bring a few desks back in but no one requested it.”

Beveryle Magnet principal Maria Johnson was supportive of the new innovation. “I had already read the research and I was thrilled that someone at Beverlye wanted to try it,” she said.

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