Many teachers and principals find the transition from elementary to middle school important for success of their students throughout their school career.

Transition From Elementary to Middle School Important for SuccessAt Girard Middle School, Principal Darius McKay says that the adjustments students make transitioning from elementary to middle school include small things such as changing classes, and how to use the locks to secure their lockers. He encourages teachers to work at easing the transition while encouraging independence and responsibility.

“They hold the kids’ hands a little more than they do the seventh and eighth graders,” McKay said.

A Harvard University study has found that when students move from fifth grade to middle school and experience  a drop in math and language arts achievement, they can develop huge problems later in school. They are at an elevated risk of dropping out as well.

Not only are students confused by new routines, lockers, and new friends.  Many times the subject matter is more demanding, and many have difficulty adjusting to science classes that have more concepts, demands, and material.

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