Teachers have discovered that using cyberspace for teaching and detailed research is rewarding and promotes high level academic activity for their students.

Soft SkillsModesto City Schools teachers had an opportunity to learn much information on education technology, when Alan November, an international leader in education technology shared tips, research, and examples of utilizing the internet at maximum power.  Among the skills he showed the teachers was using search engines at an academic level, and tips for teaching their students to do the same.

“He talked about how to really engage students in (online) searches to promote academic conversations,” said Greg Havens, digital instruction coach at Davis High School. “… One example was finding a PDF about Shakespeare on a website from England. What does London have to say about Shakespeare?

“Because if you just Google ‘Shakespeare’ and ‘England,’ (information from) Stanford is the first thing that pops up. That’s because Google is geographic, and you have to break through that using suffixes and prefixes” in search commands.”

In addition, November told the teachers that students should be encouraged to create video tutorials and participate in free online courses.  An advantage of the classes is that students could see the work of others, and set new standards for themselves, rising to new challenges.

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