He wasn’t so sure at first, but now Texas history teacher Ronnie Neal says that breakfast in the classroom helps middle school kids focus, and starts the day with a sense of calm.

Breakfast in the Classroom Helps Kids FocusThe program was piloted in middle schools after having been in elementary classrooms for years.  “This summer, each of the other middle schools requested breakfast in the classroom for the 2016-2017 school year,” said Director of School Nutrition Katy Taylor. “The staff has recognized how important it is for our students to have a complete, nutritious breakfast to be ready to learn.”

Breakfasts for each classroom are prepared and packaged by the school nutrition staff.  Designated students pick up their class’s breakfast in the cafeteria and deliver it to the classroom.

Teachers maintain a roster to tell which students eat breakfast. Leftovers that can be returned are sent back to the cafeteria.  Classes do their own clean up with trash bags, and place the bags in the hallway for pick up.

Taylor estimates that 70 percent of students eat breakfast in the classroom, while only 10 percent ate it when it was served in the cafeteria. She cites national research that shows that when students eat breakfast at school, they have better test scores, attendance, and behavior.

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