Some school districts are doing away with homework, in the hope of allowing kids more time to read, sleep, play, spend time with families, and participate in activities.

Doing Away with HomeworkRecently, parents have been pushing back against homework, concerned that children’s time is monopolized by excessive amounts of homework, says Steven Geis, president of the National Elementary School Principals’ Association.

Geis is principal at North Trail Elementary School, in Farmington, Minnesota.  Students at his school have what he calls engaging homework. He says that some teachers and schools are revising homework policies to make sure that homework is effective.

Orchard School in South Burlington, Vermont, opted to do away with homework for kindergarten through fifth grade students this year, as student anxiety increased over the last decade.

“They’re just kids. They’re pretty young and they just put in a full day’s shift at work and so we just don’t believe in adding more to their day. We also feel that we are squashing their other passions and interest in learning,” Principal Mark Trifilio said.

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