Eighth graders will start learning Italian during an early morning period at their area high school.

Eighth Graders Will Start Learning ItalianAt Passaic Valley Regional High School in New Jersey, Superintendent Dr. JoAnn Cardillo said that the Italian I course will be offered during the 0 period at 7:15 am, and eighth graders from sending districts can attend.

“It’s for students who are interested in the language and want an opportunity to come to the high school,” she explained. “It will give us an opportunity to offer an AP language class added to our World Language program. We chose Italian because we do not yet have an AP Italian course at PV. We already run an AP French and Italian class.”

Sending districts will need to offer students drop off and pick up.  Bus transit will not be used from the high school back to the middle schools.

“Currently, we have seven students enrolled from Little Falls, nine students from Woodland Park and I’m waiting on Totowa to give us the numbers. There are approximately 27 students who are on the list,” she said.

The goal is to have middle school students become familiar and comfortable with the high school campus, and see what the high school can offer them.

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