A little extra help is boosting grades for middle school students who regularly meet each Wednesday for 20 minutes before homeroom period.

Soft SkillsAt James Buchanan Middle School, the Academic Assistance Opportunity program starts in sixth grade for students who wish to participate. Seventh grader Malayna Noack has noticed an improvement in her grades since she began attending.  She hears lessons in a different way, helping her to understand and gain mastery of challenging subjects.

“I decided to come here and it actually really helped me,” Noack said.

According to Tammy Lee, the counselor who started the program last year, students who regularly attend see a 5 to 10 percent boost in their grades. Lee is joined by two or three teachers who can help with any subject, but have specializations in English, math or reading.

“We needed a way to get students caught up on work a little easier,” Lee said. ‘It’s another form of assistance for parents to make sure students understand the material.”

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