wishes all our readers in the United States a very happy Labor day. The first Monday of September is a holiday observed as a day to honor workers. In recent years, it has become the traditional last weekend of summer, and the last opportunity for travel, beaches, and barbecues. And, of course, sales and shopping.

Labor Day first started at the end of the 19th century, and the first observances in American cities were held in the 1880s. It grew during the industrial age as an observance of the importance and power of unionized labor. Some of the local observances were held on Sundays. The intent of the holiday was – and is – a day off for workers that honors workers.

Labor Day parades have been a staple of the celebration in larger cities for years. Today, there are less formal celebrations, picnics, time with family, and that last great weekend of summer.

Have a safe and happy day off, and get ready for Autumn.
Happy Labor Day