A teacher is one of a team helping Google update Google Classroom, and the result is improved access for teachers and students to technology that allows the grading, assigning, and submission of classwork.

Soft SkillsJulie Kelley, the technology integrations specialist at Wilmington High School is one of eight teachers working with Google on Google Classroom updates.

“We got to tell them all the crazy ideas that we had,” Kelley said. “The engineers are very responsive to suggestions and they work really hard to make things easier for teachers especially.”

“On the teacher’s side, I can see how many students finished their work, I can view their work, make comments,” Kelley said. “I can grade it right from here.”

Kelley cannot disclose the details of what Google Classroom may include in the future. She has a background as a Google-certified teacher, and is a “Top Contributer” to the online forums for Google Help. She endorses the use of Google Chromebook computers for her students.

“Because nothing is downloaded, they’re web-based, you don’t have to worry about viruses,” Kelley said. “Because we are a Google Apps school, everything that we need to do is on the Chromebook.”

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