A school program at a county fair provided an opportunity to have kids learn about agribusiness, and come face to face with some cows and other livestock.

Kids Learn About AgribusinessAt the Cabarrus County Fair, sixth graders got a chance to milk cows, and engage in other activities under the supervision of volunteers while learning about agriculture.

“To milk a cow was really fun,” said sixth grader  T.J. Spokas. “It felt weird. It was just really weird trying to do it because I didn’t know how to, so it was kind of fun.”

Students participated in the Agribusiness and Environmental Science Conservation School Days as volunteers helped them learn about nutrition, science, conservation, agriculture, and horticulture. They got a real life look at what life can be like on a farm.

“You can kind of tell some students are coming in holding their nose,” said County Extension Director Robert Furr. “As soon as they come into the building, they think that they are on a farm, and they haven’t even gotten into the area where the cows are yet. I think it’s really good because some of them, this is the closest they’ll ever get to a farm animal.”

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