A recent study found kids making healthy food choices online, and that their choices are better than the ones they make in school lunch lines.

Kids Making Healthy Food Choices OnlineThree groups of fifth and sixth graders were included in the study.  Two of the groups ordered their lunches online, and the third group ordered food in the school lunch line. In one of the online groups, kids who did not select all components of a healthy meal received messages that reminded them about their choices.

The kids who got messages chose 51 percent more fruits and 30 percent more vegetables than the students in the lunch line.  They also ordered 37 percent more low fat milk.  Kids who ordered online without the reminder messages chose 27 percent more fruits and about 16 percent more of vegetables and  low fat milk than the lunch line group.

The researchers from the University of Florida did not examine the actual food choices, just the food groups.

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