A summer reading class discovered that kids reading to nursing home residents boosts literacy.

Kids Reading to Nursing Home Residents Boosts LiteracyAt West Harrison Elementary School, students enjoyed practicing their reading with people who have been reading for a long time when they visited Longview Nursing Home in Missouri Valley.

“This is our first year,” said West Harrison Elementary School teacher Mary Cartmill.   “I think it’s a great idea for the kids and the residents. We want to encourage kids to read as much as possible.”

The residents enjoyed the company of the children as well as the books that were read to them.  Some residents found that the expressions on the kids’ faces were cute, and they were surprised to see how many words the children knew from the books.

“Our residents truly enjoy the interaction with children provided to them by our local schools,” said Kelly Sherer, Assistant Administrator of Longview Home. “This visit by the West Harrison Summer Literacy Program is very special because each resident is read to by one of the readers, and they simply love this time. It is a reminder of when their children read stories to them in their own homes.”

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